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May 2024
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The River has Tributaries
Filed under: P2PU, coding/programming
Posted by: Algot @ 4:26 pm

Writing html with a text editor ( Kate for me because I use KDE on GNU/Linux and because it is a very good editor ) is becoming reasonably comfortable. I’ve almost completely given up using the Kompozer visual Web editor. Almost, not quite, though. I have one page which functions well with a table to organize clipart image thumbnails and download buttons for the svg source. Until and “if” I change that page with CSS, Kompozer is easier to use to maintain and add new images.

Still, it is nice to see the web pages display the way I intend. Combining the html with a growing understanding of cascading style sheets is beginning to make sense. The results aren’t too ugly either.

A bit of JavaScript has helped me make a consistent navigation section appear on each page where it is appropriate. I love being able to modify just that one js file to add a new section to the site. Today, I even enjoyed rearranging the links into a much more sensible sequence.

Web development isn’t a single track or well-ordered sequence. At some point, the different skill sequences begin to blend into a very personal mix. The learning becomes a stream with tributaries of what you have learned of html, css, JavaScript, php and more.

Let the process develop. Make web pages build around things you enjoy. Let the pages become better while you work on your ideas. Go back later and make the content consistent with your new skills. Not all of your pages will need to be “the same” until you are doing a corporate site as a paid gig. Until then, have fun. Grow and keep learning.

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