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May 2024
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Words - Neomenia
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Posted by: Algot @ 7:59 am

One of the things I do for fun is wordplay. Sometimes it is puns, but another activity is an online Word of the Day forum at Internet Book Database of Fiction. Today’s word:


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

n. The time of new moon; the beginning of the month.
n. In antiquity, a festival held at the time of the new moon.

Original full moon photo: Dave Young


There is nothing zanier
Than the feast neomenia.
Rosh Codesh, the Law.
Trumpets, burnt lamb, no flaw.

Once a month with no delay.
Stop to feast, not play.
Music played to glorify
Burned meat, God to supply.



The neomenia,
or first day of the moon, kept according to the law, as a festival; and
therefore Saul feasted on that day: and expected the attendance of his
family. (The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Book 09: 1 Kings The Challoner Revision)


Today, the word was new to me. That happens, but it gives me the chance to use this marvellous thing called the Internet or World Wide Web so I can build some new connections.

WotD participants are adamant that we not repeat words so I’ve made that Rule #1. ODO,
the online dictionary from which I typically gather new words for the forum, gave me “erudite”, but I went to Wordnik for
neomenia. It is a word I don’t remember hearing or reading. Internet searching lead to the Rosh Codesh reference because of the use of neomenia in the Bible. The Rosh Codesh reference came from searching “new moon torah” to see how
the Jewish information jibed with the biblical. Of course, the old
testament is essentially Hebrew in origin, but the terms don’t always
match. This seems to be an example of that. The biblical term is neomenia. The Hebrew/Torah term is Rosh Cadesh or Rosh Hadesh (that
gutteral C/H sound) like “l’chaim”, the Hebrew toasting word.

I guess I’m attempting to be erudite, in spite of the word change!

WotD Forum

The idea of the forum is to write something which uses the day’s word. The writing is not constrained. It can be recording a serious thought. It can be witty, even silly. Sometimes puns are just the thing. Often, my contributions are rhymes. I enjoy the sound of words fitting together and overlapping in rhyme, and the four-line format of a quatrain is comfortable for me. Today’s poem, recorded above, was my contribution.

The illustration is sometimes just a photo which makes the word visual. I try to use images licensed with the Creative Commons reuse/remix licenses. In this case, I went beyond the original photo and remixed a photo of the full moon by Dave Young from Flickr. Flickr has a good CC license search in its advanced search tool.

Learning from it

Many opportunities to learn present themselves every day. Noticing the chance is the first step. Filing the chance away for later is one possibility, but that is tough. It seems like a better strategy to do at least a little preliminary work on the new path so it will begin making connections with what I already know. Connections are “everything” in learning.

I am very fortunate to have the time to start making these connections because I’m retired. The Internet searching isn’t time stolen from a workday. When working, I had to try to store away the chance encounters so I could follow up later. I kept a small notebook in my back pocket. It was better than nothing to avoid having new links slip away in the full day of stuff we all encounter.

An exploring mind is, I believe, also a mind which tries to recognize the little signals of chance which come along. Some will be dead ends, probably, or too complex to work out soon. Either way, getting some connections going will build the mind’s capacity to see connections again in the future.

I do not know what benefits will come from knowing more about neomenia, but that’s OK. Keep in mind that this blog is called “Ramblings.”

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