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June 2024
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Posted by: Algot @ 3:01 pm

There’s always something to learn. It helps when you have a guidebook. The guidebook points you in the right direction.

P2PU Webmaking 101 is that kind of guide. I started following the guide a while ago, and have checked back in from time to time. In the meantime, though, there have been things going on, and I’ve been officially not involved.

The Posterous Spaces site is gone, so this blog takes over.

I’ve actually done all the steps for the course, but feel it is only right to go through the stages of the course, here.

This post reintroduces my blogging on the process.

Come and go as you please.

5 Responses to “Renewal”

  1. AnSakoy Says:
    It’s great you’ve started updating your blog. The only problem, my Wordpress reader refuses to include it into my reading list. But I still can follow it by just visiting your site.
  2. Kevin Graveman Says:
    Hello fellow P2PU student. I just thought I’d drop by and comment because we started the course at about the same time. You have a very nice site. I’ll have to work hard to get my own website up to standards it seems! Good to read that the P2PU Webmaking 101 is a good guide.
  3. Algot Says:
    AnSakoy, I think my hosting company (which provides the code for this blog) is using a Wordpress back end, but it isn’t a full Wordpress install. I have limited control over the layout, for example. That also means it may not actually integrate into the full Wordpress structure.
  4. Algot Says:
    Kevin, The P2PU Webmaking 101 seems mostly a good way to help us along from scratch to getting a live site. Working the details of a full site certainly takes off after that. I’m working on lots of different ideas all at once. Everything is a work in progress. But, what fun it is!
  5. AnSakoy Says:
    Problem solved, I can now follow you now via my Wordpress reader!